Cool-Tek Fog System

The Mist Cooling Principle:

Evaporative cooling is responsible for the chill you feel when a breeze strikes your skin. The air evaporates the water  on your skin, with body heat providing the energy.

Mist Cooling works by forcing water through our high quality misting nozzles; this creates a mist of ultra fine water droplets with an average size of 25 microns or less. With high-pressure mist cooling,  you will get an even smaller droplet size, as little as 5 microns. These tiny water droplets quickly absorb  the heat present in the environment and evaporate, becoming water gas. The energy used to change the water to gas is eliminated from the environment, hence the air is cooled.

Our Misting System lowers temperature by 15-20 C outdoors and indoors without wetting.


Humidification is simply the addition of water to air. However, humidity exerts a powerful influence on environmental and physiological factors. Improper humidity levels (either too high or too low) can cause discomfort for people and can damage many kinds of equipment and materials

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