Heat Exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger

The Onda Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers are available in various models and dimensions and always offer the best solution to a great variety of heat exchange applications coming from both the HVAC and the industry such as the power industry, marine, chemical, heavy industry etc., as well as cogeneration and district heating-and cooling applications. 


  • Frame: Carbon steel, painted

  • Plates: AISI 316L / TITANIUM / AISI 304L

  • Gaskets: NBR (110° C max) / EPDM (140°C max)

  • Tightening bolts: galvanized steel

  • Connections: AISI 304 / AISI 316 / PVC / POM-C


Insulations available on request


Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

We provide shell & tube heat exchange for various fields from the refrigeration field to industrial applications with capacities from 10 to 10,000 kW. 

Brazed Plates Heat Exchanger

The main applications of our Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers are the evaporation and the condensation of the refrigerant gas in the air conditioning and refrigeration plants, the hot water production in heat pumps, the heat recovery. 

The type construction of the brazed plate heat exchangers consists of: 

  • Plate heat exchangers : Stainless steel thickness (316L type)

  • Connections : Stainless steel (304L type)

  • Brazing material : Copper 99.99 %

Following optionals are available on request:

  • Loose or welded mounting supports

  • Insulation

Air Heat Exchanger

Onda manufactures a complete range of air heat exchangers: 

Aircoolers: power from 1 to 180 kW
Unit coolers: power from 1 to 180 kW
Axial condensers with a power between 5 and 2.400 kW
Liquid coolers & Dry Coolers with capacities from 5 a 1.800 kW offering the following options: 
- V- design
- Up to 20 fans
- Max. length up to 12 m.

Adiabatic system available on all our condensers and drycoolers



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