Expansion Tanks

Expansion tanks are designed to absorb the expansion forces of heating or cooling system water to maintain the proper system pressurization.  Offered in both primed and galvanized styles, plain steel expansion tanks are options for use in any system


Pressure Vessels

Air Separator

Entrapped air can cause many problems in a piping system, including loss of efficiency, pipe corrosion, pump damage, increased energy consumption and irritating noises.  Tangential air separators are designed to enhance the air separation efficiency.  The vortex action allows the heavier air-free water to move to the vessel wall area while forcing the separated air into the center where it is vented out of the top of the separator.  Water enters the vessel through the top connection, and exits through the bottom nozzle, free of air bubbles, which helps protect the system from entrapped air problems.

Other Products

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  • Air Vents.



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