Expansion Joints

What are Expansion Joints ?

Rubber and stainless steel expansion joints are used in pipes to compensate for expansion, movement due to settlement and fitting inaccuracies.

Typical applications are heating systems, water pipes, pipes in power stations and the chemical industry. Available are various qualities that are suitable for specific media (e.g. drinking water, oil, food).

Rubber and Steel Joints


We offer compensators for various applications. Nominal sizes from DN 20 to DN 5000 are available.

In addition to a comprehensive standard range of products, additional compensators can be manufactured according to customers' specifications and pipe systems – with and without tie rods.

It is also possible to provide expansion joints with special accessories in order to fully exploit the advantages of the expansion joints for virtually all applications.

  • Rubber expansion joints

  • Stainless steel expansion joints

  • Fabric expansion joints

  • PTFE expansion joints

  • Stainless steel hoses

  • Accessories

  • Limiters



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